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Best Wedding Photography Trends For Upcoming Wedding Season!

Wedding photography trends are ever-evolving, and with each new wedding season, photographers are finding unique and creative ways to capture the special moments of a couple’s big day. As we look ahead to the upcoming wedding season, there are several trends that are expected to take center stage in 2024. From drone photography to candid shots, these trends will add a touch of magic to wedding albums and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Wedding Photography Trends 2024

2024 is set to bring some exciting trends in wedding photography, offering couples new ways to document their special day. One of the trends we can expect to see is drone photography, which allows photographers to capture unique aerial shots and perspectives. Imagine having stunning photos of your venue, wedding party, and surroundings from above, giving your album an incredible, cinematic feel.

Film photography is making a comeback. Couples are embracing the nostalgia and romanticism it offers. Adding film photography to wedding packages creates timeless photos that will be cherished for years.

Couples now prefer photographers who can capture candid moments that reflect the true emotions of their wedding day. These genuine shots, like a tearful groom or a spontaneous dance floor moment, add authenticity to the album and allow couples to relive those special moments through their photos.

Unveiling Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Pre-wedding photoshoots have become a popular way for couples to capture their love and excitement leading up to the big day. These photoshoots offer a chance for couples to relax, have fun, and get comfortable in front of the camera before the wedding day. Here are some unique pre-wedding photoshoot ideas that are sure to make your album stand out:

The Allure of Destination Shoots

Elevate your wedding album with stunning shots taken in picturesque destinations. Whether it’s a beach wedding in Goa, a scenic backdrop in Hyderabad, or an elopement in the mountains, destination shoots offer a unique way to showcase your love against breathtaking landscapes or iconic landmarks. Not only do destination shoots create unforgettable memories, but they also provide a romantic getaway for the couple, allowing professional photographers to capture their special day in an extraordinary location.

Pre wedding shoot

Capturing Candid Moments

Nothing captures the true essence of a wedding day quite like candid shots. These unposed, natural moments reflect the genuine emotions and joy experienced throughout the day. Wedding photographers who specialize in candid photography blend seamlessly into the background, discreetly capturing those special, unscripted moments, whether it’s the look of love between the couple, laughter shared among friends, or a heartfelt embrace with family members. Candid shots tell the unique story of the wedding day, creating a timeless album filled with authentic, emotional moments.

Candid Photographer

More Relaxed Weddings

In 2024, couples are opting for more relaxed, stress-free wedding day experiences. They are embracing candid photography, spontaneous moments, and natural emotions, rather than striving for perfection. Wedding ceremonies and receptions are becoming more informal and laid-back, allowing couples to focus on enjoying their special day with loved ones rather than worrying about every little detail. This shift towards more relaxed weddings creates an atmosphere that is not only enjoyable for the couple, but also provides photographers with unique opportunities to capture candid shots and candid wedding photographers, candid photography, candid shots, candid photography, candid shots without any forced poses.

Unplugged Ceremonies

With the rise of social media, wedding ceremonies have become a sea of smartphones, selfies, and cameras, as guests strive to capture every moment. However, more couples are now opting for unplugged ceremonies, where guests are politely requested to disconnect from their devices and be fully present in the moment. Unplugged ceremonies not only create a more intimate and authentic atmosphere, but they also allow professional photographers to capture professional shots without distractions, ensuring that every special moment is captured beautifully.

The Rise of Drone Wedding Photography

Drone wedding photography has gained immense popularity in recent years and is expected to continue its rise in 2024. Drones provide photographers with unique perspectives and angles that would have been impossible to capture before. Imagine having stunning aerial shots of your wedding venue, the wedding party, or even a breathtaking drone video capturing the entire day. Drone wedding photography adds a touch of adventure and excitement to your wedding album, creating unique and memorable photos that will truly stand out.

Vanity Fair Imagery for Bridal Party Portraits

When it comes to bridal party portraits, the Vanity Fair style adds a touch of glamour and elegance. Inspired by the iconic magazine, Vanity Fair-style photography emphasizes flattering poses, dramatic lighting, and elegant backdrops, creating stunning, magazine-worthy shots. Here, we will take an in-depth look at how Vanity Fair style can elevate your bridal portraits, wedding photos, special day, wedding album, wedding venue.

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Film Photography and Video

Film photography is making a comeback in wedding photography trends, as couples are drawn to its nostalgic and romantic qualities. Soft color palettes and vintage-inspired edits create a timeless look that adds a unique touch to wedding albums. In addition to film photography, videography has also become an important part of wedding photography packages. Wedding videographers capture special moments and emotions, allowing couples to relive their big day in motion. Combining film photography and video creates a comprehensive collection of photos and videos that truly tell the story of the wedding day.

Photojournalistic Coverage: A New Trend?

Photojournalistic coverage is a new trend in wedding photography, focusing on capturing candid moments and telling the unique story of the day through images. This approach emphasizes real emotions and unposed shots, documenting the wedding day as it unfolds naturally. Wedding photographers with photojournalistic expertise blend into the background, allowing them to capture the genuine, unscripted moments that make each wedding day special. This style of photography creates a timeless album filled with authentic moments and candid shots.

Using Social Media For Wedding Photography

Social media platforms have had a significant impact on the wedding photography industry, providing couples with unique opportunities to connect, share, and discover wedding trends and inspiration. Couples can now showcase their work to a larger audience, and couples can share their special day with friends, family, and followers.

Are Wedding Albums Becoming Obsolete?

In the digital age, wedding albums have faced competition from digital photo galleries and online sharing platforms. However, wedding albums still hold sentimental value for many couples. Wedding photographers now offer digital album options, catering to tech-savvy couples who prefer digital photos. Customized wedding photo books also offer a modern twist on traditional albums, allowing couples to create unique and personalized collections of photos. Wedding albums continue to be cherished family heirlooms for future generations, wedding album, wedding photoshoot, photo shoot, wedding pictures, wedding photoshoot, photo shoot.


The upcoming wedding season is set to bring forth exciting trends in wedding photography. From destination shoots that add a touch of allure to capturing candid moments that reflect the true essence of love, there is something for every couple to cherish. More relaxed weddings and unplugged ceremonies are also gaining popularity, allowing couples to immerse themselves fully in the joy of their special day. The rise of drone wedding photography offers a unique perspective, while the Vanity Fair style adds glamour to bridal portraits. Film photography and video bring a timeless charm, and the photojournalistic approach captures authentic emotions. Leveraging social media for wedding shoots is a trend to watch, while the fate of wedding albums remains uncertain. Embrace these trends and make your wedding memories truly unforgettable.

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